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The Just Good Food Project

Market Research Interview Opportunity: Transforming Health and Wellness for Entrepreneurial Women

  • 45 min
  • Online

Service Description

Are You Ready to Rewrite Your Health Story? In today’s fast-paced world, entrepreneurial women with school-aged children face unique challenges. Juggling a business, family life, and personal health can feel like an overwhelming task—especially for those managing conditions like NAFLD and prediabetes. If you’re a woman aged 35+ working from home, you might be experiencing dietary confusion, energy depletion, and physical discomfort that hinder your daily activities and affect your quality of life. We understand that amidst managing family and business, prioritizing your health can seem like a daunting addition to an already full plate. Feelings of anxiety, depression, and being overwhelmed can compound, leading to a sense of despair and shame. But what if you could turn the tide? What if you could feel vibrant, confident, and in control of your health, equipped with the knowledge to make sustainable changes that not only reverse NAFLD and prediabetes but also empower you through peri/menopause and into a healthy future? We Want to Hear Your Story We’re on a mission to support women like you in rediscovering and reconnecting with your authentic selves, providing you with the tools to live life to the fullest. To do this, we need to hear from you. Your experiences, struggles, and triumphs are invaluable in shaping a program tailored to the unique needs of entrepreneurial women. Here’s How You Can Help We’re inviting you to participate in a one-on-one interview that delves into the realities of your daily life, exploring the challenges and aspirations you face. In exchange for your time and insights, we offer our expertise, ready to answer any questions you have about managing NAFLD, prediabetes, and making informed dietary choices amidst conflicting nutritional advice. Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge and confidence to navigate your health journey successfully. A Call for Referrals Do you know other ambitious and successful entrepreneurial or professional women/mums with school-aged children working from home, aged 35+, who are navigating these same challenges? We’d be grateful if you could connect us. Your referrals can help broaden our understanding and impact more lives positively. Booking Your Interview Scheduling your interview is easy. Visit our booking page, select a time that works for you, and take.

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Manly NSW, Australia

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