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The Sugar Free Cake Specialist

Established in 2010, So Sensational Cakes was born out of a mother's love. A love for my children and a passion for creating beautiful things and memorable moments at their parties


Hi, I'm Sunny, I've been baking and decorating for 12+ years, and in that time my children grew and family evolved, naturally, so did I. One of those changes was to take better care of myself, and in doing so I  discovered the incredible benefits of a  ketogenic lifestyle.

Inspired by my own health transformation and the benefits of ketogenic living and learning of the effects of excessive consumption of sugar, and highly processed carbohydrates.

It was difficult for me to continue creating  and selling cakes the way I had been.  I had to make some conscious decisions to somehow pivot my business and baking expertise to align with my new life and become the sugar free specialist to serve the ever-growing low-carb and keto community. 

I look forward to create  sugar free masterpieces and sharing my knowledge via my blog and easy to bake recipes.

If you have any questions about my Keto and low-carb cake creations, please get in touch just click over to our contact form.



Sunny 🌟 

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